2011 Looks Like a Good Year for Bad Movies

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AVClub reports:

All-time record number of sequels coming out in 2011. 

If it seems as though nearly every other film due for release in the
coming year is a sequel, prequel, or some other warmed-over variation on
a previously successful property, that’s because it is. According to figures compiled by Box Office Mojo,
2011 will see an all-time record for most sequels released in a single
year with 27 in all, clearing the 24-film bar previously set in 2003.
That averages out to almost one redux for every two weeks, and accounts
for around one-fifth of all wide releases this year. Other records we’re
about to break: the highest number of fourth movies ever—thanks to new
variations on Mission: Impossible, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Scream, Spy Kids, and Twilight—and another all-time showing for fifth movies, with Fast Five, Final Destination 5, Puss In Boots, X:Men: First Class, and Winnie The Pooh. Although to be fair, Puss In Boots and Winnie The Pooh are really a spin-off and a reboot, respectively—much like The Muppets and Rise Of The Apes are being counted as “seventh” films in a series, when they’re also being pitched as revivals.

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