Big Hollywood Interview: TI West

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BH Interview: ‘Innkeepers’ Writer/Director Ti West – Turning Horror Cliches on Their Ear

With The Innkeepers, West’s latest foray into the macabre, the writer/director challenges conventional wisdom once more. The titular inn isn’t remotely scary. It’s downright quaint, as West describes it to Big Hollywood.

“That was the challenge, and my interest, in doing this, to see if you could make a movie in a quaint, nonthreatening hotel and still make that scary,” West says. “It goes against everything you do in horror movies.”

The Innkeepers, out on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow, is what West calls a “charming ghost story” about two 20-somethings left to watch over an inn on its final days in business. The place is about be shut down, and there are only a few guests still remaining. That gives Claire (Sara Paxton) and Luke (Pat Healy) more than enough time to let their imaginations run wild about rumored ghost stories about the building, some of which could actually be true.


Catch West’s House of the Devil on Netflix now:

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